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What we think, believe, and know about learning!

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

We believe many students require help learning how to study. We don’t believe every student wants or needs a personal tutor. We believe students want to do well in school, but many could use help reaching their goals. We believe students want flexibility and, given the opportunity, want more control over their learning. We know that there are many aids to learning that students can access, but we believe many simply do not apply good learning science. We know that students that understand a great deal of background knowledge in a subject perform well in class. We know that short, concise practice tests with elaborative feedback are best for learning. We know that low stakes testing opportunities build the background knowledge necessary to be successful in a subject. We know consistent and spaced-practice build long-term memory. We think various styles of questions helps build understanding. We think scaffolding (eg. supports/hints) early in the learning process helps students learn and understand better. We know ‘production’ questions (student generated answers without help) later in the learning process provide the ‘desirable difficulties’ needed to build long term memory. We believe our modules, that students can access anytime, anywhere on their personal device with an internet connection, is the help that can benefit many students. We try to build each of these research supported actions into our learning modules and still provide students with the flexibility to direct and control their own learning. GT Knox

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