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Why subscriptions?

We sell subscriptions to our learning modules. But our subscriptions are unique. You pay a one-time expense and your subscription lasts for the length of the school year (not just one semester). This means you can purchase a subscription at any point during the school year and it will be there when you require it. Here are some more advantages of our subscriptions:

  • We are adding new practice tests all the time and these are added to your subscription

  • There are no 'one-offs'. You can repeat practice tests as many times as you wish (in fact we suggest this)

  • As we upgrade our tests and add new methodology, these changes are automatically added to your subscription

  • If you want to challenge a class or a diploma exam at a later date in the school year you still have access to your learning module to practice for it (if you are re-writing a diploma during summer, or enrolled in summer school your subscription continues)

  • And, take advantage of the cost savings of a bundle (e.g. Grade 12 Bundle - Presently Biology 30 and Social Studies 30-1). Perhaps you have Biology this semester and Social next semester; you can purchase the bundle now and have Social ready for the next semester.

Subscriptions help us as well. It permits us to be flexible and creative and keep adding new learning devices, and, of course, subscriptions help keep the integrity of our copyright safe.

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